Beardcat opens on Sullivan’s Island


When we walked in the front door of Beardcat Sweet Shop (2063 Middle Street Sullivan’s Island), the gelateria had been open about 24 hours. Pastry Chef, Caroline Sherman might have caught a quick nap on a couch somewhere, but was otherwise riding on blissful adrenaline.   The shop had sold 15 gallons of gelato on their first day.    She beams like a proud parent as she walks me around showing me the case of beautiful gelato cakes, Popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and the selection of colorful and tasty gelato.  We happily sampled every single flavor and were hard pressed to pick a favorite.


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Just five years ago, Sherman took a job as the hostess at the famed Wild Olive on Johns Island.  A year later, she was bumped up to pastry chef, making all of the delicious desserts for the restaurant.  She remembers the owners telling her that she could have the position as long as she didn’t screw it up.  She must have done something right.  Fast forward and she’s opening her own shop.  Executive Chef of Wild Olive and the newly opened Obstinate Daughter upstairs, Jacques Larson, comes downstairs to check in on her and make sure all is running well.  You can see the admiration in both of their faces, and feel the excitement for yet another home run eating spot.

“I want little kids to eat ice cream cones and be happy!  That’s all I want.” – Carolina Sherman, Gelato genius.


Let’s talk about the unique name and branding real quick.  Beardcat is named for a picture someone found of this old sailor with a cat nestled in his beard.  Weird picture, but it sure made for a cute name and logo!


I’m super excited to take my family back to Beardcat when we’re back on the island next week. I absolutely must dig into the Olive Oil Gelato again, maybe a little of the French Broad Chocolate, and totally taking a gelato cake to go for Father’s Day, too.

If you’re looking to grab some breakfast before you hit the beach, they’re also serving up coffee, smoothies and bites to go.

Tell them Gap Creek Gourmet sent you!



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